Small Inflatable Slide



SurvitecZodiac Small Inflatable Slide (SIS)

  • Specifically designed for High Speed Craft passenger ships (fast evacuation required)
  • Small, light and easy to use slide submitted to an authorization of use when a MES may not be required
  • Facilitates the descent of passengers into the canopied or open reversible inflatable liferafts
  • Increased safety for the low freeboard vessels
  • Safer means of evacuation for passenger vessels (when evacuation deck < 3.80m)

With easy and low cost installation

  • Packed in a valise stored in a suitable location close to the evacuation station
  • Installation: only 2 fixing points on the deck

Easy To Use

  • Maximum efficiency with minimum effort
  • Light slides to be easily positioned in the liferafts or disconnected from the ships
  • Fitted with straps on the sides to help people climb back into the ship

Additional Floating Device

  • Efficient complementary means of rescue in emergency situation
sis7 sis3
Small Slide Length MES System Type Technical
Certificate USCG
  50 TO
  50 TOSR
  150 TO V
  150 TO SR
  ORIL 30
  ORIL 50
  ORIL 100 V
  ORIL 151 V