Tender ROLL 240-210-185

Code: tender roll

The Roll line dinghies feature big tubes and a boat floor which is made more sturdy by broad and robust planks. This line is ideal for those who enjoy functionality but do not want to give up total safety at sea. These dinghies can be easily deflated and rolled up, and do not require any assembling and disassembling operations. The Roll tenders can be carried around in a practical bag and they can be easily stowed in a car, in a camper van or in a locker on board.

Code Product Name
BT1-TN240 ARIMAR tender ROLL 240
BT1-TN210 ARIMAR tender ROLL 210
BT1-TN185 ARIMAR tender ROLL 185
Kit di riparazione | Repair kit •
Coppia di remi | Pair of oars •
Gonfiatore | Bellow •
Panchetta di legno | Wooden bench
  ROLL 240 ROLL 210 ROLL 185
Dim. Esterne (fuori tutto) | External dimensions (overall) 240x151 210x133 185x129
Dimensioni Interne | Internal dimensions 161x70 136x60 121x60
Dim. Sacca (indicative) | Bag size (approx.) 93x53x25h 96x52x29h 95x57x30h
Portata (persone) | Max. no. passengers 3 2 2
Massa (Kg) | Weight (Kg) 25,5 21,0 19,5
Pot. Max. (HP) | Max. power (HP) 6 4 4
Gambo Motore | Engine Shaft S S S
Categoria CE | EC category N.A. N.A. N.A.
Ø Tubolari (cm) | Tubes diameter 42 38 37
Numero comparti | Buoyancy chambers 3 3 3
Carena | Hull stecche | battens stecche | battens stecche | battens