Fast Rescue Boat

Code: fast rescue boat

The Arimar Fast Rescue Boats are fast lifeboats featuring a self-righting system. They are designed and manufactured complying with the highest quality and safety standards, according to the latest SOLAS regulations. These boats' design and shape ensures great stability even in rough sea.
Installed on large vessels or platforms, they become fast emergency vehicles which are perfectly compatible with all the latest requirements for Ro-Ro. In the unfortunate event of an emergency, they can be are dropped in the water bye means of a crane or davit, via a safe "off load" automatic release system.
Their hallmarks are excellent reliability, manoeuvrability and seaworthiness. The Fast Rescue Boats are extremely reliable and will still operate even if capsized, or if one of the tubes is perforated or torn.
The tube is fixed to the hull by means of a specially designed mechanical coupling system, which makes it possible to substitute the tube quickly and to secure it firmly to the hull.
These boats feature high power and towing capacity, and can tow large rafts. They are an effective vessel for search and recovery of people lost at sea, or they can be used to undertake duties such as patrol, control and investigation.

850 Fast Rescue Boat

Built using the most advanced production technologies, these boats are equipped with a V-shaped hull in aluminum and a neoprene tube manufactured in highly visible colors to be recognizable even in conditions of poor visibility.
All the components of the boat are able to withstand extreme thermal excursion and adverse weather conditions without damage.
Moreover, thanks to their high autonomy, the Fast Rescue Boats are designed to operate far from the mother ship even for long periods, providing a comfortable and secure environment for crew and passengers.
They are equipped with a propulsion system consisting of two diesel engines, each of which is connected to a water jet system.
The engines are designed so that, in the event of a capsizing, they do not allow the spillage of oil or fuel. After the boat has been re-righted, the engines can be immediately switched on again to resume navigation.

680 Fast Rescue Boat

Emergency vessel similar to the above, but smaller in size.
The main differences from the 850 model are the fiberglass hull and the type of engine equipped: a Z-drive engine which is particularly suitable for the operation of working boats, thanks to its ability of operating at low temperatures and under extreme working conditions.

Code Product Name
680 fast rescue boat 680 Fast Rescue Boat
850 fast rescue boat 850 Fast Rescue Boat
Accessori di serie
Standard accessories
SOLAS approved 680 Fast Rescue Boat 920 Fast rescue Boat
Pulling system

bitta di prua, bitta di poppa, moschettone sgancio rapido
bow bitt, stern bitt, quick-release spring hook

Roll-bar in acciaio inox
Stainless steel roll bar
  sì / yes
  VOLVO piede entrofuorib. / foot inboard out bord
protezione elica / protection screw
motori VOLVO PENTA SOLAS approved
VOLVO PENTA SOLAS approved engines
Strumentazione motore / Engine instrumentation
HAMILTON HJ 241 idrogetto/water-jet propeller
motori VOLVO PENTA SOLAS approved
VOLVO PENTA SOLAS approved engines
Strumentazione motore / Engine instrumentation

(*) Pompe di sentina | Bilge pumps   una per ogni comparto stagno / one for every watertight compartment

Antincendio sala macchine

Fire-fighting system in engine room

  sì / yes
Rilevatore fumi sala macchine
Engine room smoke detector
  sì / yes
Batterie | Batteries  

n. 1 per motore, n. 1 per utenze

1 for the engine, 1for utilities

n. 2 per motore, n. 1 per utenze

1 for the engine, 1 for utilities

Blower sala macchine | Engine room blower   sì / yes
Presa banchina | Deck power socket   48 V
Tergicristalli | Wipers   no sì / yes
Sistema ausiliario di comando
 Auxiliary command system
  sì / yes
Sistema di ribaltamento manuale
Self-righting manual system
  completo e carico per attivazione / complete and ready for activation
Dotazioni (**) | Equipment (**)   tipo SOLAS / SOLAS type
Gavoni per dotazioni
Storage lockers
  6 5
Dotazioni Solas | Solas Equipment
Remo galleggiante | Floating oar   2
Sassola galleggiante | Floating bailer  
Bussola retroilluminata
Backlighted compass
sì / yes
Ancora galleggiante + 10 m cima
Floating  anchor + 10 m rope
Painter | Painter   20 m 20 m 
Cima galleggiante di 50 m
50 m floating rope 
Torcia stagna con segnale morse
Watertight torch with morse signals 
Fischietto | Whistle  
Cassetta pronto soccorso stagna
Watertight first aid kit 
Anello galleggiante + 30 m cima
Floating ring + 30 m rope
Faro orientabile | Adjustable spotlight sì / yes
Riflettore radar | Radar reflector sì / yes
Sacco termico | Thermal bag sì / yes
Estintore portatile
Portable extinguisher
sì / yes
Coltello galleggiante | Floating knife  
Spugna | Sponge  
Gonfiatore manuale | Manual inflator  
Kit riparazione | Repairing kit  
Mezzo marinaio | Pike pole  
Manuale di utilizzo | Owner's manual  
VHF portatile stagno
Watertight portable VHF 
Principali accessori opzionali | Main optionals
Tubolare | Tube   gonfiaggio automatico / automatic inflation system
Strumentazione elettronica
Electronic instruments 
  a richiesta / on request
Luci di via | Navigation lights   a richiesta / on request
VHF fisso | Fixed VHF   a richiesta / on request
Cuffie interfono | Intercom headsets   a richiesta / on request
Zattera autogonfiabile
Self-inflatable liferaft 
sì / yes 8P Flat B Pack  12P Flat B Pack  
Barella | Stretcher   spinale o scoop / spinal or scoop
T-top | T-top   in acciaio inox / in stainless steel
Sedute | Seats   non disponibile / not available anti shock ammortizzate / shock absorber
Copriconsolle | Console cover   in tessuto / fabric (textile)
Copribattello | Boat cover   in tessuto / fabric (textile)

(*) automatiche e/o manuali - automatic and /or manual;

  680 Fast Rescue Boat 920 Fast rescue Boat
Lunghezza | Lenght 6,7 m 8,5 m
Larghezza | Width 2,9 m  3,2 m
Capacità persone | Max. no. people 6 + 1 in barella / 6 + 1 in stretcher 5 + 1 in barella / 5 + 1 in stretcher

Peso pieno carico*| Full load weight*

3700 kg  5000 kg
Tiro max | Bollard pull 8,8 kN  13 kN
Velocita' max | Maximum speed 40 kt  35 kt
Ammaino | Drop down aggancio singolo /  single point off-load
Carena | Hull VTR 5 comparti stagni 
GRP 5 watertight compartments
alluminio 3 comparti stagni
alluminium 3 watertight compartments
Tubolare | Tube forma a semitubo / semitube shape        forma circolare D= 60 cm / circular shape D= 60 cm
 colore arancione, materiale hypalon neoprene 1670 dTex, camere d’aria n. 6 indipendenti,
pressione di esercizio 0,18 bar, collegamento carena con aggancio meccanico
semitube shape - orange colour, 1670 dTex hypalon material, 6 separate air chambers,
working pressure 0,18 bar, hull connection with mechanical hooking
Motorizzazione | Engine machinery no. 1 VOLVO PENTA D6 - 330 CV entrofuorib. elica G8
inboard outbord propeller G8
no. 2 VOLVO PENTA D4 - 260 CV Idrogetto
water-jet propellers
Serbatoio principale | Main tank 350 l  450 l
Serbatoio secondario
Secondary tank
non previsto / not available  315 l
Consumo orario l/h (8kn x 4h)
Consumo orario l/h (20kn x 4h) 
26 69
Ribaltamento | Re-righting sistema con palloni gonfiabili ad attivazione manuale
system with manually activated inflatable ballons
Alestimento roll bar
Roll bar outfitting
sì / yes
Allestimento T-top
T-top outfitting
no sì / yes
Certificazione | Certification SOLAS rilasciata da RINA item A.1/1.20 - moduli B + D
SOLAS issued by RINA item A.1/1.20 - B + D Forms

* Completo di dotazione ed equipaggiato / Outfitted with equipment