Arimar Mil-Pro Inflatable Boats

Code: mil-pro pieghevoli

Arimar inflatables are designed according to military specifications and are able to carry out various activities in very different contexts.

Several versions are available: with removable inflatable or wooden keel, with removable aluminium, wooden or inflatable bottom.

Arimar inflatables are sturdy and lightweight, easy to stow and carry. They offer strong resistance to sunlight, saltwater, chemicals, marine environment, and unvafourable weather conditions.

They have been used for years in specialised activties of civilian and military forces in many countries.

They are recommended for: military units, first aid, law enforcement, search and rescue teams, professional sailing, professional activities, scientific research and adventure cruise ships.

  380 480 520
Lunghezza scafo | Length of the hull (Lh) m 3.80 4.80 5.21
Larghezza scafo | Beam of the hull (Bh) m 1.70 2.08 2.04
Larghezza interna | Inside width m 2.70 3.36 3.50
Lunghezza | Inside length m 0.80 0.96 0.96
Massa a vuoto | Mass (empty) (*) kg 110 145 160
Portata persone | Max. no. passengers 6 9 10
Carico utile | Maximum payload kg 540 950 1.000
Compartimenti tubolare | Airtight compartments (min.)   5 5 5
Potenza max. cons. | Max. recomended power HP 40 90 90
Peso massimo motore | Engine max. mass kg 120 185 185
Gambo motore | Shaft length S / L S / L L
Categoria CE | EC Category N.A. C N.A.
Tipo motorizzazione| Engine type OB OB OB

*esclusi motori / without engines