MED SEA Liferafts

Code: zattera med sea

Inflatable liferafts for National navigation only. They can be installed on all the following ships that fly the Italian flag:

  • Passenger ships not subject to the Italian legislative decree 45/2000;
  • Cargo Boats not subject to the SOLAS convention;
  • Ships qualified for fishing near the coast and for fishing in the Mediterranean sea, which are not subject to the legislative decree 541/1999;

These are the result of ARIMAR’s 20-year experience in high frequency welding processes. This kind of welding process ensures a long service life and an absolute sturdiness of the liferaft without using glues. The liferafts are available in special rigid ABS UV resistant containers (“Flat” type) or in a fibre glass cylindrical container (“Roll” type). The Med Sea has to be inspected every 2 years according to the latest regulations and are approved by RINA S.p.A with reference to “Circolare Ministeriale Serie Generale” no.78 dated 29/12/2008

Code Product Name
101.6104F ARIMAR liferaft MED SEA 4p FLAT
101.6106F ARIMAR liferaft MED SEA 6p FLAT
101.6108F ARIMAR liferaft MED SEA 8p FLAT
101.6108 ARIMAR liferaft MED SEA 8p ROLL
101.6110 ARIMAR liferaft MED SEA 10p ROLL
101.6112 ARIMAR liferaft MED SEA 12p ROLL
  B+ Pack (Med Sea)
  4 6 8 10 12
Anello galleggiante | Buoyant rescue quoit
Coltello non pieghevole | Fixed blade knife
Coltello pieghevole | Folding Knife
Sassola galleggiante | Buoyant bailer
Spugne | Sponges
Ancora | Sea anchor 1+1 1+1  1+1  1+1  1+1 
Pagaie | Paddles 2
Cass. pronto soccorso | First-aid kit 1
Fischietto | Whistle
Razzo paracadute | Rocket parachute flare
Fuoco a mano | Hand flares
Boetta fumog. gallegg. | Floating smoke signals
Torcia | Torch
Riflettore radar | Radar reflector
Specchio eliografo | Heliograph
Tabella segnali | Life-saving signals
Razioni viveri (conf.) | Food rations (conf.) 10  12 
Acqua (litri) | Water (litres) 1,5  2,5 
Pastiglie mal di mare | Anti-seasickness tablets 24 36  48  60  72
Sacchetto mal di mare | Seasickness bag 10  12 
Istruz. sopravvivenza | Survival instructions
Azioni immediate | Immediate actions 1
Coperte termiche | Thermal blankets 2
Kit riparazione | Repair kit
Gonfiatore | Bellow
Technical Specifications
   no. P  Pack Container Weight (Kg) Type Drop Height Bollard pull (kN) Certification
      Shape Mater. A (cm) B (cm) H (cm)   TO SR DL OR 18 m 25 m 2 knots 3 knots Circ.78 Solas Solas-HSC USCG
MED-SEA 4p FLAT 4 B+ Flat ABS 74,0 48,0 32,0 48,0 X       X       X      
MED-SEA 6p FLAT 6 B+ Flat ABS 74,0 48,0 32,0 48,5 X       X       X      
MED-SEA 8p FLAT 8 B+ Flat ABS 74,0 48,0 35,0 52,0 X       X       X      
MED-SEA 8p ROLL 8 B+ Roll VTR 118,0 56,0 53,0 63,0 X       X       X      
MED-SEA 10p ROLL 10 B+ Roll VTR 118,0 56,0 53,0 74,0 X       X       X      
MED-SEA 12p ROLL 12 B+ Roll VTR 118,0 56,0 53,0 74,5 X       X       X