F.O.R.C. Liferaft

Code: Zattera F.O.R.C.

The FORC liferafts, to be used for coastal navigation, are manufactured with the same highest standards of each Arimar product. They comply with the requirements of International Directives (IMO/SOLAS), and are created with the most advanced production processes and technologies.

  • The FORC liferafts, available in versions for 25, 50 or 100 people, are manufactured to be reversible and always ready to use.
  • The big diameter of the tubes ensures high stability at sea.
  • The special fabric Ari-tex (Solas-approved) of the FORC liferafts is designed to resist corrosion and abrasion.
  • The external cylindrical container makes it easier to launch the raft, and it allows the liferaft to float even if not activated.
  • 2 internal self-activating lights illuminate the liferaft at its activation for quick localisation and use of the liferaft.
  • Retro-reflective strips which facilitate the liferaft search at sea are present on both tubes.
  • The liferaft equipment complies with the rules for H.S.C. (High speed craft) navigation.

FORC liferafts are the best choice for professional and pleasure ships which cruise in coastal waters.

Available accessories:
Saddle support;
Lashing straps;
Hydrostatic release unit (HRU).


Code Product Name
101.044 ARIMAR liferaft F.O.R.C. 25p - HSC Pack
101.046 ARIMAR liferaft F.O.R.C. 50p - HSC Pack
101.048 ARIMAR liferaft F.O.R.C. 100p - HSC Pack
  "HSC" Pack (F.O.R.C.)
  25 50 100
Anello galleggiante | Buoyant rescue quoit 1  1
Coltello non pieghevole | Fixed blade knife 2
Sassola galleggiante | Floating bailer 2
Spugne | Sponges 2
Ancora | Sea anchor 1
Pagaie | Paddles 2
Cass. pronto soccorso | First-aid kit 1
Fischietto | Whistle 1
Fuoco a mano | Hand flares 2
Boetta fumog. gallegg. | Floating smoke signals 1
Istruz. sopravvivenza | Survival instructions
Kit riparazione | Repair kit
Gonfiatore | Bellow 1
   no. P  Pack Container Weight (Kg) Type Drop Height Bollard pull (kN) Certification
      Shape Mater. A (cm) B (cm) H (cm)   TO SR DL OR 18 m 25 m 2 knots 3 knots Circ.78 Solas Solas-HSC USCG
F.O.R.C. 25p - HSC PACK 25 HSC ROLL VTR 118,0 56,0 53,0 96,0 X     X X   0,84 1,98     X  
F.O.R.C. 50p - HSC PACK 50 HSC ROLL VTR 159,0 73,0 64,0 164,0 X     X X   1,14 2,88     X  
F.O.R.C. 100p - HSC PACK 100 HSC ROLL VTR 166,0 87,1 89,3 330,0 X     X X   1,37 2,49     X  

TO = throw-overboard  SR = self-righting  DL= davit-launched  OR = open reversible  USCG = United States Coast Guard