Lifejacket service

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Inflatable life jackets are now the primary choice of most ship/yacht owners, and are to be found in use on almost all crafts.

However, it should be noted inflatable life jackets have a finite lifespan, and this in turn is defendant on their being serviced and maintained on a regular basis, in accordance with their manufacturer’s instructions.

Full servicing, should only be undertaken by approved service station. In addition to inspection/renewal of firing mechanisms and CO2 cartridges, it involves the inspection, testing and renewal, of inflatable collar welded seams, webbing, sealing o-rings, internal non-return valves, and inflation/leak testing of the unit. Specialist tools and training are required, and it is essential that correct spare parts are always used. It is considered to be outside the competency of the average owner to undertake such a full servicing routine.

However, all users should be familiar with the procedure to undertake pre-wear inspection of their life jackets to ensure units are in good condition. Where this is not a case we invite clients to visit our station where detailed instructions will be given on use and care of their life jackets.

Our manufacturer trained technicians will perform professional service of your inflatable life jackets adhering with manufacturer’s instructions and using genius spare parts. When regularly serviced at approved station your life jacket will operate properly and keep you afloat in the water until assistance arrive. Keep in mind your personal life jacket is not just requirement but your last resort in case of an emergency.