RIB repair and service


photo (1 of 1)-39Further to service of lifesaving equipment we are able to offer inflatable boat repair and service. We can thoroughly pressure test your boat and undertake professional repairs to anything from pin hole leaks to significant damage and tears. We use your boats color scheme and general design to ensure our patch work looks as close to original features as possible. Have in mind that inflatable boat repair is not a simple matter of glue and a patch. To find and stop a leak can be a very time consuming and complicated process. Our staff is factory trained and we send our technicians to update and refresh their knowledge on a regular basis. We deal with many different types of boat fabrics, glues, adhesives and repair techniques. Our indoor, ventilated, temperature and humidity controlled repair area ensuring our repair will last.

We back all of our repairs with a one year warranty. If any work we performed fails within one year, bring it back and we will make it right at no charge. 

RIB repairApart of repairs we do also offer seasonal refurbish of your tenders and RIBs which will include pressure test, cleaning and tubes treatment. Contact us and schedule your service well ahead of the season.

Zodic rescu boatRepforn is an approved local service and repair station for Zodiac Solas approved rescue boats and official sales agent as well. Our trained and certified technicians have accumulated wide experience in both servicing and supplying these special RIBs. Annual services are performed at our service station in  accordance with manufacturer's instructions.