Immersion suits service

immersion suits

Immersion suits and anti-exposure suits should be inspected accordance with SOLAS regulation III/20.7 and MSC/Circ.1047 in order to ensure suits are in good condition and ready for use. Furthermore the air pressure test required by MSC/Circ. 1114 should be conducted at every required service by an authorized service station at 3 years intervals. Any immersion suit over 10 years of age should be serviced annually at an approved service station.

Our trained technicians will ensure your suits, store bags, associated lights and whistles, if applicable are properly inspected/serviced and you are welcome to attend service and get familiar with your suits.

Immersion suit typical inspection procedure

Suit will be removed from the storage bag, bag inspected for cleanness, damages and confirmed serial number of the suit and bag match each other. Presence of the donning instruction label will be verified.

Suit will be unfold and laid down on flat firm surface for detailed visual inspection where following checks will be performed:

  • outer material will be checked for visible damages, holes and tears,
  • zipper will be inspected for condition/proper function and waxed,
  • collar/hood will be checked for cracks and scratches. Gluing, ribbons and mounting will be inspected,
  • rubber wrist seals will be inspected for cracks and scratches. Gluing, ribbons and mounting,
  • gloves gluing and mounting will be checked and gloves inspected for cracks,
  • buoyancy foam will be checked for condition and in case of inflation bladder leak test will be performed and oral inflation tube checked for condition and proper function,
  • reflective tapes will be checked for condition and mounting,
  • holding pockets will be inspected,
  • boots/socks will be inspected for defects, tears and holes,
  • body/buddy lines and associated hooks will be for condition and mounting,
  • whistle will be checked for condition, mounting and tested (for immersion suits designed to be worn without separate lifejacket)
  • light function and expiry date will be checked (for immersion suits designed to be worn without separate lifejacket),

Leak test will be performed basis age of the suit according SOLAS regulations and suit cleaned/dried properly.

Upon above inspections/test suit will be packed according manufacturer’s instructions and stored back in respective bag.