Liferaft service Montenegro

As important as it is to choose the proper safety equipment for your vessel, it’s equally important to properly maintain it, so servicing life saving equipment on board is no place for amateur or improvised solutions. Unauthorized service can make your raft nonoperational jeopardizing life of your crew and passengers. Let us ensure that your equipment will operate properly when you need it most. Experienced team of manufacturer trained and certified technicians coupled with years of sea experience will perform services of your equipment at our service station which is exclusively built and approved for life raft and safety equipment services and fully comply with IMO Resolution A.761(18) as amended by Resolution MSC.55(66).


It is the policy of Repforn to perform its services in conformance with all applicable national and international, industry and manufacturer regulations and guidelines. We are able to offer excellent service because our fully stocked inventory of manufacturer’s parts, adherence to strict quality processes, manufacturer factory trained and certified technicians.

Our open-door policy allows our clients to make an appointment to come and see their safety equipment being serviced. We welcome and urge our customers to visit our station as brief training given by our technicians can be critical in case of emergency at sea. Training can dramatically reduce panic in these situations. Please do not hesitate to contact us and arrange an appointment.Liferaft service Montenegro Liferaft service Montenegro Liferaft service Montenegro Liferaft service Montenegro Liferaft service Montenegro